Securities regulations and financial laws are those that regulate and govern the securities markets both nationally and internationally. In the United States these Disruptive Technology and Securities Regulation are administered both on the federal and state levels by the SEC and various state commissions. There are also self regulating entities in the world of securities exchange like FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. If you make an investment in the securities markets, it is good to know that regulatory bodies are there to protect your investment to the extent that it is legally possible.


The world of securities exchange and financial markets are both complicated and profitable. Unlike making a deposit in the bank, investing your money is not guaranteed. It is actually within the realm of possibility that you will lose your entire investment. The truth is that securities markets can be extremely volatile, changing in a moment's time. This means that you should certainly do market research and ask plenty of questions before you make any investment.


These days there are numerous disruptive forces that are now being brought to bear on the world of securities exchange. Securities are commodities that have no actual or intrinsic value. The value of commodities like securities is completely determined by the markets on which they are being exchanged. This means that securities have the potential to go way up in value according to market forces, but they can also bottom out and lose all value. Today, new disruptive technologies are playing a role in the securities markets like never before and they are making an impact on a global level. The latest advances in communications technologies have really presented serious challenges to the regulatory bodies that are charged with protecting the integrity of our securities markets. Know more about securities at


Internet and mobile technologies represent a major disruptive force in the world of Global Finance. There are many people involved in securities exchange markets that are wondering how the latest technologies can be disruptive? Disruptive technologies can increase the likelihood of fraud or decrease transparency, making it possible for those who are not market savvy to step into bad investments. Anyone who is planning to invest in securities should make a point to research securities regulation and the ways that they can avoid fraudulent investments.



The main goal of securities regulation is to increase and improve market transparency, making it possible for investors to avoid fraud and other investing pitfalls. If you are interested in learning more about securities regulation, economic diplomacy and international finance, the best thing that you can do is visit the website of a financial law firm. To get started, all you have to do is perform a search engine search for information about securities regulations and global financial law. Know about Soft Law and the Global Financial System here!